Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward

I had this book on pre-order but for some reason I never got to read this one, the series is huge and I was a little confused about the stories since the previous ones. But this book is huge and I rushed until the end. Everybody loved so I knew what to expect, but for me the ending was a little rushed and Quinn was staying on the same house as Blay, but for some reason or another these two could not find an understanding and talk like normal people.

I liked getting to know more about Assail, he sounds like a great guy and a little like Rehvenge to me, but Sola was boring and I could not understand why Assail was so interested in the girl. Another great side story to me was the Shadows moving into the Brotherhood house, we have some very nice plot for the future.

By the way I like Layla and she was super sweet with Quinn. I still can't believe she's pregnant with Quinn's baby, but she's handling everything with grace. Loved the book.