Promises in Death - J.D. Robb

This case was too close for Eve because she had to investigate the murder of another detective and the worst part was that said detective was in reality the girlfriend of Morris. We all know how possessive Eve is with her friends so when she found out things became personal and the killer had no way of escaping.

I liked the investigation and things were actually very fast but I felt sorry for Morris, because is clear during this book he was clealry in love with the girl and she was a nice woman. After the investigation and the way things changed we can see he's having a hard time accepting she's gone, but he trusted Eve to find the killer and bring it to justice.

I liked how this case is connected with an older case Eve had a hard time closing a couple of books ago, but the best part for me was how Roarke was always there helping her. And we also had the preparations for Lousie wedding. With lots of girlie time that Eve did not understood but actually enjoyed.