Undercover Professor - December Gephart
I love a good romance and it’s not the first time I say this, but this book was a pleasant surprise. I discovered it while I was cruising NetGalley and the cover made me take a better glimpse at the summary. The cover is always important to me and this time it was perfect match to the story.

I loved Andy/Drew and how torn he became with his secret. He’s such a nice guy, takes care of his mother after her surgery and it’s even trying to help the gamers with all their non-existence love life. I consider him a great guy and despise what happened on the past I can even consider him a saint.

But the guy Lucy met is not the real Drew and he’s only doing this for project. So he pretends to be a addictive gamer and let all his visual behind to collect data for his project. So the guy Lucy met is kinda bad, with no job and living with a parent, no sense of fashion.

He broke all her rules, but there’s a zing between them, and it’s more than just lust. They love the same music and the same books. They actually compliment each other, but he’s stuck in a crazy relationship with her cousin.

I loved how Drew discovered his feelings and fought all the way to understand and win Lucy. But I felt a little lost about his past and that was only mentioned a few lines on the very end. We know all about Lucy’s fears and the reason for the list, but almost nothing from Drew.
Overall all it was a good romance.

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