Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh
This story was like a drug to me and I couldn’t wait to see more of Lucas hotness or Sascha very cold Psy nature.

This is the future and the world is divided in three species, The Psy, who can control almost anything related to the mind; The Humans, that looks to be just like us and weren’t really a subject that important in this book; Changeling, the shifters that can assume a animal form during any time they wish.

So the future is all about power and the Psy are currently fighting to control everything, but in some areas there’s more difficulty. The book showed us the story of San Francisco area and how these two species are working together and why is important to have all this power.

So we Sascha and at first I though she was a very confusing girl, but them I realized she’s not like the rest of the psy, with cold and very computerized minds that emotions are not allowed and is strange to see family links.

Of course she met Lucas and he’s exactly the opposite of her, he’s a changeling and is working to make his pact a very dominating in the area, but is also trying to stop the psy.

I liked this couple since the very start, because there’s chemistry and more than just lust, but mostly is the fact his cat knew she was important to him and made damn sure to fight for it.

Great first book and this series is very promising.

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