Rocky Mountain Heat - Vivian Arend
I do love a good cowboy and after reading another Vivian Arend series and enjoying her writing style I decided to give this series a change and yell YO along with these pals.

This is the first book and we got to meet the family and see how they connect, but the best part is watch these fine gentleman seduce some poor women.

Jaxi was raised playing with the Colemans and has always been in love with their oldest, Blake, but he has some issues with the age difference and never acted on the serious chemistry between them.
Jaxi has dated other man, and even another Coleman during some time, but she has her eyes set on Blake and when his mother needed her help it was all the necessary for her to make her move and seduce the fool.

The interesting part was the fact the hole family was well aware of their feelings and tried to help, making some serious jealous scenes happen on this fine town.

I liked these two together and some scenes were really good, plus we got to know about their pasts and some dreams for the future. Enjoyed this book and will definitely read the rest of this series.

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