Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker
I love a good action with a hint of romance and this book delivered a good start to a new series. Great characters and they are all very real, showing the true life of this great agents. They have no fear and they all know exactly what to do.

I liked the romance between Nate and Ali. It’s very interesting to know both off them are in love with each other, but don’t act on it because of Grigg, Ali’s big brother and an agent like Nate.

Nate is a sniper and his best friend and partner Grigg died in a very hard way, but he couldn’t forget himself and accept the blame for the mission going wrong, but he doesn’t know that it was all a set up.

Ali is very sweet and knows how hard and difficult her brother used to live. She doesn’t knew his secrets, but the way he died was definitely connected with his job.

So when Ali start to get suspicious that somebody is following her and shows up on Nate door asking for help things start to look strange and really wrong.

I loved the investigation and enjoyed meeting the rest of the Black Knights. It’s very interesting to see they pretend to be just mechanics and experts on bikes, but on reality is all a bogus for their real job.

The romance was just okay for me, because Nate was really hard on himself and didn’t try to win Ali at all, but she's very determined and fought for what she wanted.

So the romance was not the best part of the book, but I liked the investigation and meeting the rest of the gang.

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