Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh
The is the friends becomes lovers story that actually worked for me, but maybe because I wanted Clay to have something good in his life. He suffers so much without his family. And after growing up with the humans having to hide his animal must have been awful.

Talin was for me a very strong human, is she’s just a human, but after the story progress we discover she’s more than that and is crucial to defend her truth and save those poor's kids.

I liked Talin value and her strong motivations, but wanted her to search for Clay before this, because he’s tormented by their past and how she left him.

I liked this two working together and how they tried to learn from the past. For me Talin deserved forgiveness and her happy ending was well deserved. Clay was a protector from the very begin in their relationship and they worked the kinks out.

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