Rocky Mountain Haven - Vivian Arend
Second book in this series and now we have Daniel Coleman story to follow and I loved how he dialed with her fears and helped her handle the new life and still raise her kids.

Daniel is not so happy with the farmers life as his brothers and uses more his time with the Colemans other business, build furniture and sell custom made pieces.

He’s trying to change and find a way to be happy fulfilling his dreams, but is also a bit afraid of this new project and how to handle everything by himself.

I liked Beth and how strong she is, but also after everything her husband has put her through is amazing the way she handles the kids and a move, plus a new job. Her family tried to help but she wanted to make it on her own.

I actually liked these two together and despise the fact Daniel is more calm than his brothers, we can still see how hot and unpredictable he is on the bedroom.

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