Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh
Ahh, it’s Dorian book! And I wanted him to be happy with his animal, but he’s so much better than that, he became an incredible sentinel just to prove the pact he’s strong and can be an active part off it. He deserve an incredible woman and I agree with Nalini that Ashaya is perfect to him.

She’s strong and a part of the revolution, she helped save children and fights everyday to keeps secrets from the Council. She has secrets of her own and even battles to keep her twin at bay. She’s like Wonder Woman!!

These two are perfect together and I hoped during the book Ashaya would help Dorian bring his animal out. But the book is more than just that, we also have the humans showing they want to fight too, and the packs have to handle attacks from all the sides.

This was a very action packed book and I loved every minute of it. Ashaya was perfect during her escape moments and so powerful to fight the PsyNet.

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