Rocky Mountain Desire - Vivian Arend
Third book in this sexy cowboys series. I love this family and Matt deserved a great happy ending after the way his ex left him. She girl was a slut and expects to be treated like a princess, right! Like that is gonna happen in this town.

I cheared when she left but it was a bit of a surprise for me to see Matt with Hope, since she’s his ex sister and again her past is a bit fuzzy, but after he saw her grwing up it was estrange for me that he didn’t knew about it.

Hope was kinda lusting for Matt since he was still with her sister, but since she’s such a good girl and only wants people to be happy it was quite a shock to me see this sweet girl acting up and defending her ideas and her shop.

I liked the book, but the other two were better in this series and Matt needs to learn a thing or two about woman.

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