Rev It Up - Julie Ann Walker
This couple was a bit of surprise for me because I didn’t knew about their past or read much about them on the group before, but I liked the action parts of the book. The romance not so much. Believe Jake turned out to be a bit dummy not seeing things like the truth all along.

I didn’t like Jake attitude on the past and believe he could had tried a little better on loving Michelle, but I liked how he apologized and decided for fight on another chance since he still loves her.

I loved the history behind their past together, but he could had come back earlier to try and save their relationship. I liked these two together and how much Michelle loves him is clear for all to see.

Best part is Frank in the hole book, and he’s all for the couple to be together and happy. He looked to me like the story was alright and there wasn’t a single thing he didn’t knew.

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