Playing the Royal Game - Carol Marinelli
This is an ongoing series and I haven’t read the other books, but it was quite easy to fall in this Cinderella story and at the end I was cheering for their happy ending. After everything Allegra suffered from her family she deserved some good in her life.

Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t abused or anything like this, but they treated her like a slave, only working to give them money and for once she was doing something for herself, but apparently it was not enough because she was still unhappy.

Alessandro needed a dose of reality for him to realize that it wasn’t necessary for him to completely distance himself from the people just to rule them. So Allegra being her friendly was actually what he needed.

I wasn't familiar with the rest of the family, but it was really nice seeing them changing with some truths bared. The relationship changed a lot in the book and it was great to see Alessandro bare his soul for once.

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