The Siren - Tiffany Reisz
This book has been getting a lot of good press lately and when I discovered the other two in this series were on NetGalley I decided to read them all. I love a good erotica and even better is when there’s a sequel already released, because waiting is so bad for me.
So in this one we finally she Nora in her normal life after dumping Soren and almost giving up her life as a dominatrix, it’s very interesting the fact she wants to write erotica and at the same time she wants Zach to be her editor, because he’s the best on the job.
I liked the book and Nora personality, she takes everything she wants and literally just live her life without affect of what other people might think. I liked her and how brave she is to just walk away from a  ten year long relationship, even thought she’s still in love with Soren.
But the book is so much more than just a BDSM life, it shows true feelings and how much Nora can handle in her life. She’s still suffering and still loves Soren, but she has a intern and he lives with her, he’s sweet and a virgin, and I think she deeply loves him, but don't know what to do with her vanilla feelings.
Of course she also tried to seduce Zach and it’s really sexy to watch these two going at it. I deeply enjoyed this book and jumped right into the sequel.