Blood Rites  - Quinn Loftis
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This book picks up right after Prince of Wolves and it’s interesting how dangerous this world is and how far some people would go for a soul-mate, even forgetting a very important lesson.

So once again a crazy werewolf wants Jacque for himself and decided to stop her Blood Rites with Fane, but the most important part is that her father is in town and his wolf is doing a lot of danger around. After making her mother car suffer an accident that almost took her life, he decided to kidnap and bond her before she could finish the ceremony with Fane.

I liked this book a little better than the first one because we could also see more from Jacque’s friend and Jen is great. Her phrases and awesome and you can count that she will make every word a little dirty. Now it seems there’s a feeling between her and Decebel, we got to meet him on the first book and he’s Beta for Fane’s father.

Overall this book has dirty moments, a lot of hospital and dangerous paths as usual with crazy werewolves. But it seams everything will turn up better at the end.