Prince of Wolves  - Quinn Loftis
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I like werewolves stories and this one was a fun ride since the first page. I liked the interactions between Jacque and her friends, they sound like sisters, plus they talk in almost a different language.

Another part that I liked was the teenager part. We get to see how Fane interact with his family and learned how to treat his mate, plus discovering different things in the States. Originally his from Romania and his father is the mighty Alpha, with power to boss every pact know. Since he was a pup, he’s father trained him how to react for different situations and that helped when he discovered his mate and also a strange wolf demanding possession of Jacque.

It was a fun and adventurous read. The girls made even the most dangerous part, a fun and interesting pieces. The crazy wolf made Fane’s live very difficult and the fight was so hard to read, because I kept cheering for Fane.

I liked this book and had already read good things about it in several blogs and now had the time to read. It made every good comment worth it.