If I Die - Rachel Vincent
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This book was like a emotion high and I even shed some tears near the end. So good. Is amazing how we get attached to the characters and now is like I know Kaylee for years. We can always tell how she’s going to react.

Now we know when Kaylee life expires and her mother reaper is back in town to finish the job, of course her father is doing almost everything possible, and some more than nightmarish crazy, to save her.

I think after everything that happened and her several trips to Netherworld this was not something expected. Sure Avary is always looking for her and trying to get her soul, but her final date with no excuses is a complete different thing.

She tries to hold them together and of course decides to solve a mystery on high school. Sounds regular for her, but is something really strange this time. A girl loses her baby and Kaylee almost screams for his soul. The girl has a boyfriend and he’s not the daddy, crazy huh? Kaylee decides to investigate and there’s nothing normal in the pregnancy.

I loved this roller-coaster. Was a really great book and the end made me cry, but a good cry. Not what I expected, but Kaylee acted and saved the day once again. Plus a different Tod in this book. I liked this new him, showing more attitude and feelings.