My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent
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This book was a really difficult one for me because I started hating Nash after what happened on My Soul to Keep and the way he used Kaylee was very wrong, plus now he wants forgiveness and try to make things go back to the very begin like nothing had happened, like he remember everything.

Another problem was Sabine. She’s Nash ex-girlfriend and not a normal human, but it took a very long time for Nash and Tod to really explain things, but Sabine was not a good girl and was hurting Kaylee since day one.

Everybody acted on this book like Kaylee was looking for trouble when we all now that trouble always find her no matter what, so she was only trying to understand things and save people once again. Of course since Sabine is the new and different, plus trying to steal Nash, let’s put the blame on her.

I liked the story, was very dark and the plot really involving, but still don’t like how Nash reacts sometimes and why people just don’t believe her. she’s always right.