Dante's Marriage Pact - Day Leclaire
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This series is almost over and we get to see a very strong woman. In the same party Rafe found his Inferno bride we discovered Shayla, and Draco found the women of his life. But things are not that simple and these two suffered a lot before finally love each other.

Shayla was party crashing because she wanted a glimpse of the Dante and the next day she had a business meeting with them, but she also wanted a wild night and to lose her V card since it was her birthday and freedom was her wish. That’s how she met Draco, he was close to the door and the first to see her, but when their touch made sparkles fly neither could escape for the night.

Shayla has a new job and vanished the night after, but Draco never stopped looking for her and we discovered that she was pregnant and her grandmother is pure evil. These two had to overcome lots of issues from both families, especially after they found some secrets from the past.

Great book and loved Draco.