The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter
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I feel like no novella is ever good enough, because the story is usuallu really good and when we want to keep reading it just end. I understand the reason to publish this story as a novella because I can’t picture an intere book without Hades and it was fun to read about her summer.

I feel like we get to see the truth faces behind the Gods with each passing book and this one showed us that they aren’t very forgiven and once they do something wrong or bad, there’s nothing to do about, they never undo things. Zeus shoed some signs off being really selfish since book one and now I can see that he enjoys messing with people life. Completely understand Hera wanting revenge, because living Eons with him, can make someone really go crazy.

This book is more an adventure for Kate, because she doesn’t know the world and visiting Greece was supposed to help and understand the Gods origin, but of course she was used once again, and I don't like how these Gods can’t put up for themselves and needed a little girl to save their asses.

Not a good review, but the adventure part was kinda nice and I have nothing against Kate, only the rest of them.