Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

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I was strolling to the library in my country and saw this book was released in Portuguese, but since I already had an English ebook edition, on the first minute I returned home this one was picked and I already bought and read the rest already released. It was so fun and mysterious to follow Kylie while she tried to discover her new powers. Is not everyday a girl can believe she see ghosts and there’s also several other non-human persons in this camp. After being shipped to Shadow Camp by her mother, Kylie start to discover a new world where everything is possible, from vampires to werewolves and shapeshifters, but her powers are very different and again she fells alone. I loved Kylie adventure to understand how to communicate with the ghost following her and also discover from where she received those strange powers, but the best part was trying to discover witch supernatural she was. She has so different powers and they could fit in several different places. Another great part was the friends she made. Della is a vampire and she struggles with her family and can’t tell them the true, but the camp is the only place she can feel save and be honest about her strength and drink blood regularly. Miranda is a witch and can’t make a spell work, she suffers from her family pressure. Of course there’s also some guys that catch Kylie attention. Lucas is a werewolf and she actually met hi before when she was just a kid. He’s a little older, but sounds like a nice guy with some dark moments and a dangerous past. On the other side we have Derek and he’s half-fae, very sweet and a great friend. It’s fun to follow Kylie during her adventures and her passions, her life was really miserable at home while her parents are separating and her grandmother just passed, but the camp made her feel at ease and helps her try to figure out her powers and help the ghosts. Loved the first book and how fast things happened.