Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent
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This series is like a roller coaster and we never know if Kaylee is safe and what is coming after her, although is pretty safe to bet on Avery, but he get new tricks every book and is insane to wonder what is coming new.

So having started to read this series in January I didn’t had to wait very long for this book and I’m wondering how people managed, because I was so anxious to read about Kaylee new job in the afterlife, plus Tod is kinda amazing as a boyfriend, much better than Nash and he’s very helpful.

The book started after one month from the previous and now we can see how Kaylee is adjusting to lack of sleep and trying to make her body corporeal to go back to school. She’s having a hard time, but that’s nothing new and everybody is kinda worried about her new job, since is barely different from a banshee and of course dangerous.

Kaylee is now responsible to save the souls from people killed before their appear on the reapers list. Is kinda like the first book, when the rogue reaper killed young girls for a demon. Only difference now is that she answer to a boss and the necromancer tells her where to pick the stolen souls, but everything fall the ladder and Kaylee discovers that Avery can possess death people without needing the living and having a corporeal body, crazy right?

I loved this book and the steps where we learned more about her new job and how she acted help from other people this time was surprising. Tod was great and very romantic, can you believe he’s got an apartment just to have a place to take Kaylee? Nash started the book being his regular bastard but ended up being better, not great and don’t think I’ll ever really life him anymore. Kaylee’s father is learning to parent a teenager and now he’s life is really difficult, but he was loveable in this book.

The end was unexpected and OMG I can’t wait for the next book. Start counting for April to get here soon.