Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders, #2) - Lorelei James

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This is the second book in this erotica series and I discovered that cowboys are great at little ménage, plus they like to spice things up with some bondage now and them. Very steamy.

This book tells two stories at the same time. We all remember Cash from book one, he was a great friend of Colby, plus he’s older and usually got really hot and bothered arguing with Gemma. She is a widow trying to make her husband work all alone.

Gemma was really interested in Cash, but also afraid because the only men in her life was her husband and she’s older than him, making her feel really bad, but Cash is good at showing her exactly how he feels and how much her body is perfect beyond any younger beauty. I loved the sex scenes between these two, because Cash likes to play a little with bondage to make things hotter and Gemma had a fantasy of two guys at the same time and Cash made that happen for her by inviting Trent.

We were also introduced to Cash daughter, Macie and she sounds like a working girl that fight to get her own money and independency. She’s reconnecting with her father and stating a new life. After they went to live on Gemma's ranch, she also got on a little hot romance with Carter McKay, he’s Colby younger brother and a true artist, very talented but the ranch job is not really for him so his trying to find his place on Earth.

I liked these two romances because we get a very different side from each one. But on one thing they are equal: love is bigger than anything and at the end HE were everywhere. Plus we got to see more from Colby during a visit on the ranch. And he’s brother is nothing like him.