Taken at Dusk - C.C. Hunter

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This series is so much fun and the adventures just make things more interesting. We got to see more of Kylie and her very strange and dangerous love life. Between an werewolf and the his pact against the romance things get really ugly.

But Kylie is also in the middle of an investigation related with the newest ghost appearing for her, but I liked how things are turning and we got news of Kylie family and what she really is.

It was strange at first to understand Kylie power and also to see how dangerous her life can be with a crazy vampire hunting her for a romance and his coven meddling over the future.

This book better than the others, but so difficult to explain without telling a few spoilers. I liked how strong Kylie became since she went to Shadow Falls on the first book and she’s getting better at helping the ghosts and understanding how to discover the past of her family.