Rough, Raw, and Ready  - Lorelei James

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Since Long Hard Ride we are familiar with Edgard and Trevor relationship, but they separated after Edgard left to Brazil. The thing is Trevor is afraid of this side of him, he still enjoy women, but also has affection and the sex with Edgard is really good. I had no problem with this relationship, but after the way Trevor reacted when he realized Edgard was leaving him and he did nothing to get him back, I seriously think he’s screwed up.

Now we have this story years after they separated and Edgard is back, but Trevor is married. Yes, he’s married and actually happy about it, not suffering because he lost the biggest thing of his life, so for me not a good sign of love. Chassie is a perfect girl and is of course related to the famous McKay's, but only through the mother side and she lost her brother and father with lest than a year of difference.

She suffered, he suffered but they look fine and the sex is good, so Edgard coming along for me was a bit unnecessary and he could found another person. I understand he never got over losing Trevor, but at first the strange arrangement between these three was forceful, especially after known Edgard was 100% gay and now out of nothing he’s attracted to a woman.

The sex scenes was really good, but the emotions was not my thing. I usually enjoy threesomes and like books that talk about the theme naturally, my only problem was really with Trevor.