Ascension - Caris Roane
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It has been awhile since I get surprised with a vampire book and this one was a pleasant ride all along. Looking at the cover my first thoughts was of angels, but in reality this book is all about vampires and mortals with special abilities.

Since this one is the first in the series we get to meet several characters along with the principal couple. I loved how this book made me think about the Black Dagger Brotherhood and at the same time is all so different. Not so dark and with so many different layers of stories that can be used on the next books.

Let’s go back to the story. This was a very big book and it took me some time to actually get into the story but only because of the introductions and I didn’t knew at the start what the bad guy actually wanted after all. There are good and bad vampires in this book, but all of the have special powers. Commander is the chief of the Death Vamps and wants to dominate the Earth (First and Second). He’s bad and uses all the dirty plays in the book that made me really mad, is like the good guys don’t want to really win the war and just play along.

So we have Kerrick and he’s a Warrior, a very dangerous and deadly vampire that fight’s for good and kills death vamps every night to save humanity, he also lost two wife's and two kids in this war, so now he’s a little bitter and made a vow to never guard a women and never starts a relationship because he’s afraid to lose another person.

Alison has fought her entire life to hide her powers and tries to live normally, but wants what every women dreams of: a family. An event in her past, mad her believe that be with a guy is deadly for him because her powers can get really strong after an orgasm.

But guess what? Kerrick is sent to guard Alison, because Commander wants her death so that she wont join the good vamps after her Ascension. Yes, her powers will make her a vamp after she realize that another world is waiting for her, sort like a wake up call.

The book is all about protecting Alison and make sure she’s still alive in her Ascension moment. Not an easy task but she’s just really powerful and can take about everything, plus Kerrick is trying really hard to keep her save because she’s his chosen one.

I actually liked this book, but some moments in the first chapters were really slow and the introductions let me believe the next books will be of the other Warriors meeting their women, plus Alison adjusting to her new live.