Claimed - Evangeline Anderson

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I like a good alien book and this one was really interesting since the start. The Earth was being attacked by some dark and bad aliens when the Kindred decided to come for the rescue and saved the day, but they also wanted one thing. A Trade. The wanted women, because their race is 95% made of men and since they’re humanoid. It’s a win-win and the government said yes. Years since that and we have Baird meeting his bride, Liv. The thing is nobody actually knows what happens in their ship, because no women ever returned complaining, actually they never return period. There’s a month of the claiming period while the Kindred can do lots of dirty things with their bride and after that let’s just say she’s fully satisfied. Baird was captured by the dark side and spent six months being tortured but while there he’s mind found Liv and they spent the sleeping hours exchanging informations about their lives. Liv had no idea he was a Kindred and didn’t knew her dreams were actually true. So one day Baird escaped he’s prison and came to Earth to find he’s bride. That’s were the story starts with us following Liv and Baird during their claiming period. It’s interesting because Liv promised her twin sister that she would never surrender and wasn’t going to bond with the Kindred because her life was on Earth being a nurse and helping save people. So Baird does everything in his power to show Liv they are great together and how much he loves her. He’s really romantic and tries to cook on her first night on the ship, but he’s restless and every day he also tries to seduce her. Plus he has some pheromones that helps to attract her. The book was really good and these aliens were romantic and brave to the extreme. Some naughty parts were present, aliens know how to seduce a girl.