Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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On the same weekend I read two books showing aliens and discovered that is fascinating to create this new humanoids and try to show them as equals to us. Obsidian shows exactly this and the government knows about the and chose to watch and let them live among us.

Katy’s mother decided to move to a new town three years after her husband died and start a new life. Katy is seventeen and is starting her last high school year so this moving was not very good for her, especially when she goes to a little town is West Virginia.

So her mom pushed her to met new friends and she tried with the wrong person. One day she knocked on Daemon door and he’s super grumpy. So from the first moment we know he’s not very friendly and Katy discovered he’s also super hot.

Question: Why they have to be gorgeous? Daemon and Katy started going out some times, but not as in dating, more like his sister was pushing him to it. Dee is Katy best friend and she wants to continue this way, but Daemon can’t stop being bad.

Weird things started happening and one night Katy was assaulted because some crazy guy was after “them”, she had no idea what he wanted but he’s just one more strange thing, along with lighting and a girl disappearing one year before she moved.

I’m going to jump the spoilers and say this book was a fast read for me. Can’t tell what was more intriguing: the mysteries, Daemon’s attitude or Katy investigation. I loved Katy personality and of course the fact that she is a blogger. Daemon wasn’t so bad after I realized he’s reasons. Let’s face it, he’s cute with his sister and it’s always protector with the other Lux people.

I loved the book, the writing, the story was captivating and kept me wanting to read more and now I can’t wait for the next book, but already dived into Shadows.