Tempting the Manny - Lacey Wolfe

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This book had all the things I love in a romance. Great sex, friendship and search for a different life. There’s usually something wrong in the characters life to begin in the book and they need to change and try to find what makes them happier.

Olivia is leaving a boring relationship with her boyfriend of seven years and her two girls are staying with her. There is Olivia’s first mistake, because she stayed with the girls father during seven years and didn’t even got married, he must have something wrong or doesn’t want the relationship to begin with.

He always worked and provided to her and the girls and now she has to find a nanny and a job. Because to depend on him is really bad. That’s how she met Jamie, he’s a manny, a man to take care of the girls and he’s really good about it. But they also have a crazy chemistry and the sexual attraction makes them stop to discover what's best.

I liked how the book showed Olivia rediscovering herself and learning to overcome some bad influences, Jamie is also really good at showing how she can be a good mother and a great women without having to chose one of those.

It’s a short book but I felt like it was well written and the story actually has a good time and shows a normal relationship, plus the sex scenes were great.