Their Virgin Concubine: Masters of Menage, Book 3 - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake
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This book was almost perfect, we had some characters from the previous books in the series and a great sheikh story, but the end was a bit strange for me. Maybe because I expected more from Kade and Rafe, plus Talib was a bit wrong in the way he treated Piper.

But back to beginning. The story started at the Black Oak Oil, company owned by Gavin, Dex and Slade and the place where Piper works. But the company is responsible for the oil of Bezakistan and Talib is trying to find some different forms od combustible for the future and met Piper through phone conversations.

I liked how Rafe and Kade treated Piper from the very begin. Talib sent his brothers to seek and kidnap their future wife according to the rules of the country, but he already started a relationship with her without Piper having the knowledge he was actually the prince, but since his cousin is trying to destroy every form of future for the country only for revenge.

What I didn’t liked was they way Talib treated Piper after everything they being through together. The last chapter was not very good for me, but the sexual lessons the brothers teacher Piper were really good and the ménage relationship can really work for her advantage, because each brother is special in their own way.