Wolf Flight - Vivian Arend

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This is the second book in this sweet werewolf series. The fun part for me is the fact we already know the characters from previous books and have a few thoughts about the perfect mate for them.

Tad is a half wolf and needs a trigger to fully develop, we met him because his sister Robyn is now mated with Keil and their story was the first introduced to us in this series.

Tad always knew he needed a little help to became a wolf, but there’s a problem for him. He needs to have sex with a female wolf and the single ones can inprint in him and became obsessed thinking he’s their mate, so he doesn’t want to create these wrong feelings and being the good guy he chose to wait for the right time and the right wolf.

Missy was Tad girlfriend during high school and now she’s running from her pack, because the alpha killed her husband, since she wasn’t mated with him, and want her all to himself.

Missy needs to escape and run to Tad for help, but things got a lot more interesting when they actually mated and he didn’t want to believe because of the imprint. The only reason he accepted her was because she was a widow and he thought her mate was death, so no problem.

I liked Tad story and how these two actually helped each other when it was necessary. The action on the last chapter was impressive too. Great little story.