Wolf Signs - Vivian Arend
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This series was a great surprise for werewolves lovers. These are short books with a thrilling story, about romance, action and pack rules. It’s very interesting for me to read about a werewolf pack and how they take care of the people and the environment around their houses. These are people worried about the nature and in constant race to survival.

This first book to this series is very different because Robyn is deft and has no idea about her abilities to chance into a wolf form. She learned to live and is quite happy with her life, but is always hoping for her family travels to Granite Lake. This year her brother can’t make it and she decides to go alone.

There she met two handsome guys and they shared a few secrets that changed her future. Keil lives in Granite Lake and decided to take over the Alpha position, but before that he went into travel with his brother AJ. I loved how Keil is very protective about family and explained about what to expect when becoming a wolf and of mated wolves to Robyn.

These two were a perfect match, but at first I didn’t expect Robyn to be a real Alpha, because she sounded so sweet and caring, that it took me by surprise when she used her power.

I liked this series so far and now I can’t wait for AJ book, he’s like a kid and it’s always in troubles.