Bared to You - Sylvia Day

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I felt like this book was very much like 50 shades and after reading that and liking it, I decided to give it a try to this series after so much rave. Gideon is very handsome and more human than I thought at first glance.

The thing that kept me so engrossed n this story was the past of both characters. Because at first first the sound broken and barely alive, but the secrets are only disclosed after half the book and I was already intrigued by the sexual scenes. Gideon is still a mystery to me, but I keep waiting to know more.

I liked the relationship and how those two are trying and after awhile they realized that fighting is better than running. It took so guts for Gideon to keep coming back. Eva is a flawed character and he past is full of drama, but she still tries in life and love. Props for her.

One thing I didn’t enjoy was Cari. He’s relationship with Eva sounds more passionate than it seams and he doesn’t look like trying to survive, just hang by and it’s bringing Eva down with him. I hope he gets better in the next book and they can discover a normal friendship.

Now waiting to see how Gideon is going to handle Corrine and how Christopher is coming back to destroy Gideon “happiness”. Plus I think Nathan might return.