Kings & Queens - Courtney Vail
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This book is packed with action, when I started to think Majesty had found the guilt ones several other things happened and now decide how is guilt is really difficult for me. At first I thought the massacre was the only thing happening but then things escalated and Majesty is the only one trying to save people and get the bad guys.

I liked her, she’s strong and mostly a survivor after losing her father, she decided to get busy to try move on and of course she had the help of her best friends, Derek and Alec.

I liked these two. Derek is dark with emotions blocked from strange events and he also lost his mother and has to live with a father who is never around. He’s rich like most people in this town, which is a bit strange.

Alec is the complete opposite, he’s goofy and fun, and has been in love with Majesty for years, but being the good friend he knows she is in love with Derek and tries to help.

Majesty suffered the entire book and still tried to find justice and get ride of the creepiest following her. Crazy thing, a bit strange after a discovered the reasons.And I didn’t like the reasons, but I cheered when Majesty finally won.