How to Eat a Cupcake: A Novel - Meg Donohue
My Thoughts:

This book is about friendship and solution of conflicts most off all. Annie was the daughter of the housekeeper and while growing up she had a good relationship with the family including Julia, the owners daughter, but that changed when both went to high school and gossip got in a way and bad things were said between those two.

Now is ten years later and Annie is working as pastry chef but she always dreamed of opening a cupcake shop, so when destiny put these two together once again they had to try reconnect and discovered what mistakes could be forgotten and forgiven.

I liked the fact that Annie’s and Julia’s thoughts were expressed to us in alternative chapters, so we could understand and actually see what happened in the past that changed this friendship.

Julia is currently in a bit of depression and the shop opening helped her to reconnected with her feelings and try to work better in expressing her thoughts and a few secrets.

Annie on the other end is in a wrong relationship and the shop and try to work with Julia is a lot in once but she also discovered a few secrets from the past and meet a important person.

I really loved this book, is sweet sometimes fun, but most of all is a beautiful story.