Avalon for Christmas - Kate Richards
My Thoughts:
Overall I liked this book, but the relationship between the characters was a bit fast. Pete had a secret encounter when he was a teenager with his friend and couldn’t stop thinking about it but also didn’t do anything, so the friendship was left behind and he never actually talked with Andy.

Now he has a girlfriend and decided that he needs to see Andy one more time and try again. At first I didn’t understand why so suddenly, and especially because for a first he as a great girl and is happy, but since he went to the Army and now he’s grandmother died, I think he’s afraid to lose Andy and never had tried anything.

Gina was a strange character for me, she jumped way to fast in a relationship that is strange with two guys and accepted everything despise not knowing Andy at all. But the sexual scenes were really good, so I decided to give 4 stars. One more thing, the anal sex was a bit fast and not real at all.