Love Beyond Loyalty (the Outsiders #3) - Rebecca Royce
My Thoughts:

I’m only now starting this series but can’t help but give a good praise for Rebecca. She created an amazing plot involving a prophecy, demons and soul mates.

It’s interesting to read a book when we know the couple are meant to be together and to simply what how they dealt why love and the struggles that always appear along the way.

This one is different, since Gabriel already know a little bit about this prophecy and accepted there’s a women out in the world that is his soul mate. Usually is a bit more difficult for men to accept things when they fit outside the normal.

Loved Loraire and how strong passionate she is. She hears animals and doesn’t freak out because of it, so when Futton(her dog) ask her to leave everything and help someone, she actually does it, no questions, because she knows he won’t say anything.

Loved how the plot revolves around the other couples and shows that their love life is a battle everyday to fight this demon.

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