A Win-Win Proposition (Harlequin Desire) - Cat Schield
My Thoughts:

There are three books about the Case Brothers but they are not sold as series. I’ve been reading Harlequin for quite a while and bundled this book in a family series. First one is already out and the third and last will be available sometime this year.

This is a sweet story about a girl going wild and fighting for her love. Missy has been working for Sebastian during four years and he never noticed the girl beyond her clothes and the extra hours since he’s a difficult boss. But after her boyfriend dumps her claiming she’s pinning for her boss and is in denial, Missy jumps the opportunity and decides for a change and that happened in Vegas.

Sebastian is a pain in the ass kind of boss, never noticed anybody how they really are just how much they improve the family company he just assumed after his father retired. So when Missy goes missing in Vegas in the middle of important week, and leaves him alone he definily goes crazy.

But Missy decided to change right? And the pastor daughter improves a lot in clothes and hair even with a new attitude that her boss can only dream about.

Overall is a fun book and Missy really teaches Sebastian how love is and that he’s life can be more that just job. He’s family is also very fun especially while trying to help.