Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Since last year I’ve been hearing great thoughts about Obsidian and I had the chance to read last month. I simply loved!! The action, the romance drama and the almost death of certain characters. I also liked the prequel and I found it very important to fully understand how bad the DOD can be and why Dawson disappeared.

This is the second book in the series and I’m very happy to say that the wait was not very long since it took me forever to start the first one to begin with. But I couldn’t wait to hear more from Daemon and all around the blogosphere they were talking about him.

So I bough on the release day and read last weekend, during the read-a-thon. I loved the name and how the author continued with the stones as the main factor and I have no idea how she found so many with an O.

The story started right where Obsidian ended and Daemon is trying to work in a relationship with Katy, but she thinks is only this new link between them that is messing with his emotions. He gets really romantic during some parts of the book and she gets more in love with him, plus he’s not the douchebag from the first book. Another plus.

But not everything is great and there’s a new guy in town. And he knows all about Katy new power, strange right, but she trust him and pushes Daemon away. This I really didn’t like it. She knows nothing about the guy and he proves to be dangerous several times, but she still trust him. So not cool.

The DOD is in town and things are really stressing, especially when Katy sees Bethany one day. Secrets started to be discovered and Katy’s life is once again in dangerous. But Daemon was so sweet on the end that everything can be forgiven.

I liked this book better then the first one, because the characters showed more feelings and sounded better, Katy can work in the police sometimes because she sure can find things when she wants.