Into the Flame - Christina Dodd
My Thoughts:
This is the last book in the Darkness Chosen series and now the Varinski is getting closer and now there’s one icon missing. In this book we met Douglas, the missing son from the Wilders and also discovered that he had a relationship with Firebird. Konstantine is barely alive and the time is almost done.

This book is very different from the other ones because everyone always though that Firebird was Konstantine daughter and to discover that her hole life people had lied to her was very difficult, and after that she also discovered that she had dated the son and ran away thinking he was another Varinski coming after her family.

Douglas loved Firebird but one day she simply disappeared and using all his means he started to search for her. In the middle of that he thinks Firebird was kidnapped by the Wilder and start to help the Varinski, full out trouble.

The action in this one was a bit different because everyone in the family was part of it and they needed to close a chapter and vanquish the evil. I liked this one and the pace was a bit slower than the other but very enjoyable.