Scent of Darkness - Christina Dodd
My Thoughts:
I love shapeshifters, because there’s always a mystery about them, if not for the life itself is more about finding happiness or discovering the past. There’s some kind of dark side that can be found in any book that features a shape shifter and this one was no different.

The story revolves about a pact made 1000 years ago by an ancestor of Jasha with the devil sorely for power and money. The devil made all descendants shape shifter, but they were all big animals and for years they were feared for being mercenaries. The family made their business to kill other people for money and power but Jasha father fell in love with a gypsy and left the family. Now they changed their names and started a new life without killing.

Jasha is an alpha male and in some moments I didn’t like him but the plot was really god and made me go through some ugly parts and I’m so glad that I got to finish this one. In one scene I got the felling that Jasha passed the line and raped Ann, but she said and acted like it was no big deal. Kinda bad! They had to hide in the jungle to escape an cousin of Jasha, a mercenaries from the bad side of the family that finally discovered where they are hiding.

Their relationship was a big leapt because she started the book just as a secretary and in the end made Jasha fall in love with her. So we could all she that in true form he’s just a teddy bear that brings all guns out to defended his family.

I loved the family and they get along so well, luckily each book is about a brother and some stories are uncovered and some action takes part.