Of Poseidon - Anna Banks
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When I first saw this book, the cover alone made me want to read it, then I started reading several bloggers also wanting because the summary is great. Among several books about vampires and werewolves, this one is a fresh start for a series about mermaids, or syrena as they call themselves on the book.

This was perfect and it got me hooked since the first chapter. Mostly is set in Florida and we got to met Galen when Emma bumped into him, literally. He’s a prince on the waterworld and an ambassador with the humans, but only few actually know what he really is.

Emma was really fun to read and I enjoyed reading how she handled finding out about her true heritage and how she fell in love for the first time. This was fun and there’s also a bit of investigation, plus Galen is topless most of the book, can you really blame Emma for falling for him?

I loved the characters and Toraf was perfect, with his love story. And it was really different how the author focused on the secondary stories, that’s really important for me. Because Emma and Galen are not alone on the book and the friends supporting is very helpful in dangerous situations.