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My Thoughts:
This is the prequel for the Southern Roads series and we get to met Sweetness, a small town in Georgia that looks to be stuck in time.

Emory Maxwell and Shelby Moon were childhood friends and now are dating, but since Emory joined the Army and Shelby started working for her father in a groceries store, their relationship started showing signs of breaking.

Emory takes a leave for fives to ask Shelby hand in marriage and that’s when all hell break lose. A tornado swiped through Sweetness and destroyed everything but thanks to Emory no life was harmed and this nature event helped mend the relationship.

I liked Emory and this story was to short, it could be a full out book that it would be a best way to meet the characters. I understand Shelby way of thinking but her father seams to be on a different century and he was actually making his daughter miserable, but only him couldn’t see it.