Dangerous Desires - Dee Davis
My Thoughts:
I love special ops kinda book and this series was a great one. Because they actually have a double life since all agents are professors in a university. Different, right? But the book is still about a lot of action and there’s also some romance and each agent get their HEA with some “special” lady.

This book is for Drake and he’s one of the most alpha characters that I’ve met so far. So it was kinda fun to watch him fall for Madeline simply because he thought she was a bad person. There’s also a more complicated book them the rest since the story doesn’t end when he gets her to a safe place and they actually have to save another person but for this Drake has to believe in Madeline and she kinda is not the best person to put your trust on.

There’s also a spy in the group since book one it continues to try stop them to actually finish the mission. And it’s hard for them to investigate this because they are all friends and one of them is selling their secrets and they could all die for this.

I liked the chemistry between Drake and Madeline. He thinks she’s a nothing more than a prostitute when in reality she was being black mailed and he gets really surprise when the truth came up. She was trying to save her sister and ended up in the middle of a drug cartel, so the only way out is with Drake help.

They decides to scape through the jungle after some plans fall apart and she is more than just a pretty girl. Drake makes this book be really good and the plot was great. There were some changes along the way that I wasn’t expecting, but the story ended up with more than just a happy ending for those two.