Naked Addiction (Leisure Fiction) - Caitlin Rother
One of the first reads from this year and is a big book, but I find it a bit disappointing. Ken Goode is a detective from California who works on narcotics and is trying to apply for a space on the homicides head quarts. Nothing wrong there, Goode works a lot for the position, but it’s a bit disturbing that the sergeant put him on charge for a big case like this one, especially with all the media working around and he is not a homicide detective yet.

Goode has issues from his past, connected with his mother suicide and afterwards his father left him and a little sister. So growing up he had a difficult home which make harder for him some moments to dealt with death so close.

I didn’t like the way the first death was almost the center point for the entire book, especially since it wasn’t the only one. Goode obsessed with the deceased girl and took everything to find the killer. On the other end the author made good characters explaining everyone and how they could be connected with the girl.

The book is a bit slow to get into but after the first results start to show is very interesting to read on. Afterwards a serial killer is killing people and they all are connected with a bar and a beauty school. Different right?