All Jacked Up - Lorelei James

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This is Keely book and she’s being waiting for her happy ending since book one and it was not a surprise for me when jack finally managed to get her.

This was such a good book and Jack is really good in the bedroom, or the floor. He’s definitely has charm when you through the exterior of polished greatness. Keely is a great girl and has no problem in creating a mess, she has five older brothers and had to stand up for herself.

The relationship between these two is growing since the last three books, but I never realized jack was so good, it was kinda boring to me compared to the cowboys, but he’s a good person and deserved to have a nice ad normal life after what his ex-fiancé did to him.

It was fun how these two decided to pretend an engagement to help in Jack’s job and how everything ended so good. Sparks fly and these two are great in getting back together.