Shoulda Been a Cowboy  - Lorelei James

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This was a strange book at first because Cam was not around on the last few and since his injury I don’t know what to think about him and now he has a job and a house but it’s afraid to get close to people.

We met Domini, but only passing and she sounds like such a sweet girl that I didn’t thought it was right to put her with Cam, but after a couple of chapters I realized that she’s is so much better.

Domini is a strong and very capable girl, but she suffered in her original country and decided to take a chance on the US, her life is definitely better now, but things were not so great until a couple of months back and she’s still trying to help people. Sweet to the extreme.

I’m not gonna say anything about the ménage, because I honestly think is was not necessary, but I liked how Domini managed to canvince Cam to let go and enjoy life in town and with his family without worrying about what people would think. Plus the sex between these two was really awesome and I didn’t expected Cam being so Dominant.