Endlessly - Kiersten White
My Thoughts:

What first hooked me to this series was the covers. They’re pretty and also when you put paranormal beings living in the world and a girl as the only chance for society they continue to live things start to look more fun than ever.

Evie has never being normal, since her childhood the place she calls home is underground and hidden from society, can you imagine living like this? But it is all she has and they keep her save, plus she sees through the glamour. Crazy, hum?

Several paranormals are hiding in plain sight, they just chance how they look in front of humans and only Evie can see and force them to work for her agency, IPCA.

But things are not that simple in her life and she has a stalker ex-boyfriend that is a bit disturbing; a new guy who nobody knows nothing about it and her best friend is a mermaid.

But not all are flowers and some paranormal are being killed by a strange thing and Evie is caught in the middle of the investigation.

The book really fun and has a sweet romance, definily will read the next one in this series, because the world is very well written and need to know how Evie is doing with normal life.