Mr. Right There All Along - Jackie Braun
My Thoughts:

Chloe McDaniels and Simon Ford has been friends since teeny school. She was the overweight geek and he was nerd and handy. They fight, get back together but things never evolved to more than friendship.

Now it’s time for the high school reunion and Chloe started to be nervous. She was never popular but worst of all, she is still a bit overweight and the mean girls will definily see that she’s still single and doesn’t have a high job.

But Simon is so good friend that he joins her into a crazy plan for find the perfect date and lose some weight. But wish the would she herself the way he does it and decides to help.

I found this book was more a fun to read than really a romance, some moments Simon tried to help her but he was afraid to lose their friendship over a shot in a romance that may break everything between them, so it took a bit of time for me to truly like the characters. But the romance part could be a little bit faster.