Soul Screamers Volume Two: My Soul to KeepMy Soul to StealReaper (Harlequin Teen) - Rachel Vincent
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This book takes place one month after My Soul to Save and Kaylee is finally allowed to hang out with Nash after being grounded for Netherworld visits and not talking about her problems. So now all she wants is a normal life, but things get out of hand with Emma boyfriend and Kaylee smell Demon breath on him.

Knowing her you already figured that she started investigating and some bad truths came out plus Avari is back and the Netherworld is trying to kidnap teenagers from Kaylee high school during a ball. To close with an ribbon her dad has been kidnapped by Avari also along with Nash.

I loved this book and the plot was really genius but I hated Nash almost the entire book and he’s a key character for me, plus Kaylee kinda was left alone and having to deal with Nash issues and her dad was a bit to much.

But the story was great and the lest that I was expecting really. Can you imagine drugs on a banshee, plus the avari is back and it sounds like he’s going to be a issue for the future, but he’s good to be the bad guy.