Soul Screamers Volume One: My Soul to LoseMy Soul to TakeMy Soul to Save (Harlequin Teen) - Rachel Vincent
My Thoughts:
This is the second book on the Rachel Vincent series Soul Screamers and I heard some mixed thoughts about this book. In reality is not better than the first but the first was pretty good for me. So overall is a good book.

I liked some parts of this one. The Netherland was better explained on this book and it helped for us to understand the danger and why is so important to Kaylee to study and now more about her life and where she came from. Still not forgive her father for abandon her knowing full well what was happening.

Also I liked how the relationship between Kaylle and Nash is evolving. The kisses are more real and steamy. Plus there’s actual chemistry between those two.

In this book we get more from the reaper. Tod, shows that even thought he’s dead, he actually has feelings and tries to save he’s ex-girlfriend from spend the eternity suffering on the Netherworld.

The book is more than an adventure on the Netherworld and it showed that the characters developed more feelings. I hope the books continue like these. We get an insight from both: the story and the characters.